Officina del Gusto constantly explores the national and international culinary world in search of excellence, niche specialties and typical products of the highest quality, all made by the best artisans fully respecting regional food tradition and with the very best ingredients.
We offer our attentive and discerning diners a selection of dishes based on the age-old wisdom and experience of those producers who have transformed their work into a passion.

The way of thinking, the search for high-quality raw materials, the strength of the idea behind the dish, "designed" in our mind even before turning on the stove, today represent the foundation for turning a "normal" cook into a special chef, and also for building in the best way possible a path that combines practical experience and speed, that culture and that "awareness" that will make them a one-of-a-kind for the market. Able to create emotion, starting from the genuine knowledge of things. Such curiosity will be the result of an unrivaled creativity since it is supported by the study and culture of food.